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Dharma Initiative


The Dharma Initiative in addition to its roots are generally first discovered in the instance "Orientation" simply by an positioning video within the actual Swan Station. Dr. Marvin Candle (Francois Chau), points out that this project started around 1970, established simply by two doctoral prospects with the University involving Michigan, Gerald along with Karen DeGroot (Michael Gilday in addition to Courtney Lavigne), and also appeared to be funded by Alvar Hanso (Ian Patrick Williams) on the Hanso Foundation. They thought possible some sort of "large-scale communal research compound", when each and every and cost-free thinkers out of around the globe may possibly analysis meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism, along with a sixth style how the film begins to recognize because "utopian social-" just before becoming cut off.

The episodes "LaFleur" plus "He's Our You" reveal in which mathematician Horace Goodspeed was in demand associated with Dharma Initiative operations on the Island, as a minimum from your pretty first 1970s over the moment associated with "the Incident." Key options that will required that they are made for the Island had been obtained simply by a committee, which in turn incorporated all division heads, including Head connected with Research Stuart Radzinsky along with safety measures brain LaFleur (the name Sawyer appeared to be assuming). They, in turn, response to the Dharma Initiative HQ dependent with the University with Michigan, when proved whenever Radzinsky threatens that will contact your University to bypass an important factor judgement by Goodspeed. In this episode "The Variable", Daniel Faraday verified of which Dharma Initiative Headquarters, at the least as a result of 1977, was based during Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The "Lost Experience", different simple fact game which needed position with 2006, discovered how the goal with the Dharma Initiative has been to modify any kind of in the six components belonging to the Valenzetti Equation, a good picture which usually "predicts the complete period of time and many months until finally humanity extinguishes itself," to let humans to occur intended for more by means of transforming their doomsday. These aspects are manifested as amounts from the Valenzetti Equation so are furthermore your quantities regularly described while in the show: 4, 8, 15, 16, twenty three as well as 42.

In 1977, the Dharma employees based on this Island drilled into a good electromagnetic pocket, liberating a catastrophically dangerous quantity of electromagnetic energy. This will be termed as "the Incident" as well as being regularly alluded for you to throughout additional Dharma Initiative sources. Radzinsky was adamant on drilling regardless of dire warnings coming from Dr. Chang regarding the danger. In the Swan Station direction film, recorded inside 1980, Dr. Marvin Candle insists which the laptop at the Swan Station not really become used for virtually any various other purpose, mainly that will direct other stations, plus indicates that have a little something related to the Incident. When the actual Oceanic 815 survivors take a trip instruction online time to 1977, some people hope to negate the release of this vitality by simply detonating your plutonium main of a hydrogen bomb. The fifth season ends just as the actual bomb goes off, not having reveali ng exactly what the idea changed, when anything.

The tasteful chart within the turbo charge door, revealed by blacklight.

After that Incident, as outlined by notations around the blast home guide painted through Stuart Radzinsky within the Swan Station, the Dharma Initiative's features to the Island seemed to help fit in disrepair. The turbo charge home guide offers many annotations in relation to damaged access tunnels, an explanation within the Cerberus Security System in addition to mentions services currently being abandoned and also damaged by using different reports or even accidents, specially one transpiring with October 28, 1984, an additional throughout 1985, and a final a single on December 7, 1987. By the time Danielle Rousseau and also your ex freighter crew shipwrecked for the Island, with 1988, lots of the services within the Island have recently been abandoned, including the a radio station tower. At absolutely no position somewhere between and then plus the later purge of it's associates does the actual Dharma Initiative endeavor a search and also saving with regard to Danielle or the woman's crew, even with Danielle broadcasting the woman's individual distress mark on the continuous loop in the structure regarding several years.

When your Dharma Initiative got here about the Island, these people fought using the Island's natives, recognized to be able to all of them as being the Hostiles as well as into the survivors of Flight 815 for the reason that "Others". The "Hostiles" have been dwelling for the Island long just before your Initiative arrived. The Arrow Station appeared to be eventually presented a quest to comply with and also produce techniques that will counter-top that Hostiles. When Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) got there for the Island in 1970, there seems to be however an open discord involving this Hostiles and also the actual Dharma Initiative. At quite a few point previous to 1974, a truce associated with some variety had been brokered with that Hostiles. A series of protocols were put in spot between the actual Hostiles as well as Initiative. Several episodes mention that right now there has been a "line" and that several areas of that Island had been thought to be the "ter ritory" with each group. This warfare ended in 1992, whenever Linus joined up with this Hostiles in addition to helped kill persistent users employing one type toxin gas, opertation which started to be referred to as "The Purge". The bodies were being laid to rest with a size grave.

In 2001, right after Stuart Radzinsky's alleged committing suicide in The Swan, Kelvin Inman, a man who discovered Desmond adrift about the beach, has been continue to employed by the particular Dharma Initiative inside the actual Swan station. Lost developer Carlton Cuse agrees with inside a podcast in which Kelvin has been in fact a representative belonging to the Dharma Initiative.[citation needed] In the "Lost Experience", a great actor portraying fictional Hanso Foundation account manager Hugh McIntyre seemed upon Jimmy Kimmel Live, wherever he stated that this Foundation had ended finance the Dharma Initiative in 1987. However, with year 2, an weather shift involving stocks got there to the Swan station. As a strong airdrop will need a freight plane, pilots, parachutes, a loadmaster, and the supplies themselves, this may advocate someone is still giving initial funds intended for their activities. Furthermore, the actual Dharma Initiative insignia could be o bserved on the Secondary Protocol's assignment jobs that mercenary commander Martin Keamy accesses in the freighter's safe, advising of which the Dharma Initiative continues, some way, to the day.

At your 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, a fresh ARG started that has a booth signing up new members on the Initiative. At the Lost panel, Hans lorrie Eeghen, a Dharma executive, shown that will the outcomes in the unit were being "abysmal," plus a several men and women have been picked to view a training video that had been routed out of thirty years within the past. In the actual video, Pierre Chang reported the fact that work for the Island can be valid, and it's also vital that this Dharma Initiative will be restarted. Following this a website appeared to be launched, which in turn helped end users to subscribe to the actual Dharma Initiative.

Research stations

A Bagua

The Dharma Initiative placed nine (known) study gas stops round the Island, that require the shape of hidden, subterranean facilities or even bunkers. After Oceanic Flight 815 crashes about the Island within September 2004, your survivors experience several of these stations. The initial that will always be found out will be "The Swan" which will that they make reference to informally seeing that "the hatch". Nine supplemental gas stations possess since been visited on the series, each one having a private unique emblem related to it: an octagon, like the bagua design, using a different type of symbol for the center. The Swan Station's blast entrance map tends to make referrals to your easy production facility, a meteorological exploration station, place "CVII", and others which have nevertheless to become revealed around the series.

In the actual show "He's Our You", during a meeting with Dharma Initiative heads, there have been 14 members present, suggesting 14 distinguish partitions in the Dharma Initiative on the island.

The Swan station's blast door map boasts that generally there was, with one time, an undercover tunnel circle in which connected the majority of the stations. Notations for the map suggest which the tunnels started off falling into disrepair from the early on 1980s, soon after your occurrence occurred.

Station 2: The Arrow

The Arrow train station is first observed in "The Other 48 Days". In "Because You Left", a flashback shows Chang performing first recording to the orientation film, exactly where this individual talks about that will it is just a section with regard to keeping track of this Hostiles as well as making techniques in order to overcome them. He is usually abandoned prior to he can finish. In "The Man Behind the Curtain", flashbacks belonging to the Dharma Initiative in surgery on this Island show among the list of members, Horace Goodspeed (Doug Hutchison), being dressed in a jumpsuit impact the particular Arrow train station emblem by using "mathematician" published below it. When rediscovered within 2004, the phrase "quarantine" seems to the on the inside with the station's door. In "LaFleur", Horace increases the order to help notify that Arrow to "prepare that hefty ordnance" when your dog believes there is an always on the cards hazard with the Hostiles.

When your butt segment survivors discover the Arrow Station throughout "The Other seventy two Days", there are seemingly been transmuted right into a storage room. Within, some people get a radio, a glass eye, as well as portion of the Swan station's alignment roll film hidden inside a Bible. Producers Carlton Cuse along with Damon Lindelof stated on the podcast that each merchandise is definitely significant, and never randomly chosen.

Station 3: The Swan

Dharma food, keeping this Swan logo

The Swan appeared to be designed to become a laboratory utilized by this Dharma Initiative intended for homework with electromagnetism.. In the actual episode "The Incident", Dharma Initiative person Radzinsky claimed when complete, the particular Swan Station would allow mind games connected with electromagnetism that will "would change the actual world". According in order to the actual aspect "Access Granted" around the next months Blu-ray, Dharma drilled in the globe as well as struck an area that contain a substantial electromagnetic buildup, that their drilling released. The Swan has been created above this particular area in order to act as being a cork. Dharma subsequently came across your design to "dam" this leak nonetheless when using the downside that will the particular arena built up driving your dam plus will gradually crack it. A failsafe major may just be employed to once and for good "seal" the actual leak. The unique occasion took place many tim e inside 1977, because discovered within "The Variable", in addition to necessitated the actual evacuation in the island.

On the station's direction film, Doctor Marvin Candle makes clear that a great "incident" transpired first from the station's experiments. An alter to the film, which will reported by Inman was created by Radzinsky, taken away specific details of the incident. The 100 % film means unauthorized usage of the station's personal computer terminal had something to do with this incident. This affair expected the whole Swan rail station region being sealed using a multitude involving concrete floor "like Chernobyl" (according for you to Sayid in addition to Daniel Faraday) to consist of the threatening energy. This brought on an identical build-up regarding electromagnetic energy, which in turn generated a adjust of the station's focus: a two-member crew, succeeded each and every 540 days, were being told to be able to enter in your numeric code right into a microcomputer terminal each and every 108 minutes. The rail station is equipped with a split-flap display timer, a nd that is interfaced to somewhat of a microcomputer terminal in addition to linked with an security system.

The place can be stored using food, a record player which includes a collection associated with old LPs, a smaller library, an armory, a shower, plus bunk beds. There is additionally a fresh washer/dryer plus one of the textbooks inside stockpile is usually "Rainbow Six" simply by Tom Clancy, printed with 1998. It is definitely almost altogether underground, with the exception of a great entrance shaft and a new concealed door (possibly thanks to being disguised . from the Hostiles territory). The place boasts many interior blast doors, with your guide with invisible ink about one of them. This road have been done by, for a minimum, Kelvin Inman as well as Radzinsky. Analysis from the map suggests almost personal training one of a kind handwriting styles, and so five distinct contributors. The map features immediate revision goes on it, and in many cases because the evident chart entry, additionally looks in order to provide when getting some sort of track record to occurences on the island, since there are lots of annotations of which manage to recommend the writers ended up endeavoring to track down in addition to find out the particular level of numerous gas stations about the Island. There usually are areas of which are usually written in Latin. Kelvin Inman sometimes appears creating inside the lower appropriate give section of this place with "Live Together, Die Alone", close to a new revision dated intended for 6.26.2002. There can also be polymer structured paints and some murals brushed within distinct meals on the hatch by simply unfamiliar people today together with tick scars for the wall structure based on them.

In the actual show "Some Like It Hoth", arranged inside 1977, the Swan Station is actually established to get below engineering throughout one place given because Hostiles' territory, a breach with the truce Dharma had brokered using them, less than the primary expert connected with Radzinsky. In the particular anxiety attack "The Incident", Dharma sinks into that pocket, explelling this energy along with painting all material things into your hole. The plutonium main of the hydrogen bomb can be detonated because of the survivors around a strong make an effort to negate the actual energy. In "Live Together, Die Alone", Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick) shipwrecks around the Island inside 2001 it is used towards the Swan station. Here Kelvin Inman clarifies related to going into your numeric code then pushing the particular button just to save the particular world. In September 2004, Kelvin plus Desmond enter into some sort of fight, resulting in Kelvin's death. Desm ond penetrates the phone numbers too late, leading to an electromagnetic build-up, that can causes the particular lock up of Oceanic Flight 815. Two with the survivors, Locke (Terry O'Quinn) and Boone (Ian Somerhalder), the real reason for Swan accidentally. Locke handles in order to excellently open them inside the very first season finale "Exodus". Inside these people come across Desmond, that flees after they split the particular computer. The survivors manage to fix the computer, as well as get started forcing the mouse each 108 minutes.
After discovering the Pearl location film, Locke believes that pressuring this switch is a internal test, is actually Desmond's guide determines to find out what can happen if the button is not really pushed. Desmond presents a threat for you to convince Locke that this train station is real, along with records in the Pearl, but Locke breaks the computer anyhow therefore he cannot stop this countdown. This will cause every one of the material physical objects within the Swan to fly about, and also the ground starts in order to shake. Realizing that importance on the switch Locke allows he seemed to be wrong, and also Desmond turns that failsafe key. The mist turns violet temporarily, along with the Swan can be destroyed. The electromagnetic burst unveiled through that exploitation on the Swan Station renders this snowdonia momentarily apparent into the outside the house world. The vigor bank can be diagnosed with a keeping track of station beneath the actual control ass ociated with Penelope Widmore, which will documented to help her construct y acquired "found the island."

The Incident Room

In that gaming Lost: Via Domus, the Incident Room is usually revealed to become on the other side with the particular concrete walls from the Swan. The living room was utilized by way of a tunnel in addition to a substantial secured door. The room includes a large reactor as well as other severely-damaged equipment. The reactor is actually tilted to 1 aspect and also discharging power in addition to coolant fluid. It offers the overall look of a pair of large electromagnetic coils suspended through an excavation hole in to the Island surrounded by means of significantly damaged concrete. The Incident Room includes its personal computer just like the Swan's. This part of that Swan came out on the particular turbo charge entrance guide being a obstructed off area of your rail station ("Lockdown"), but seemed to be never welcomed in that indicate itself.

The Incident Room may be described repeatedly in Lost. Desmond stated this there was your magnetic reactor driving your real wall. When Sayid first went to the actual Swan he / she tried using to locate a manner past the particular tangible wall, but it really seemed to be simply just far too solid to obtain through. Sayid instructed Jack that will "The last moment I discovered cement getting applyed over every little thing this way had been Chernobyl," ("Everybody Hates Hugo").

The look plus design for the "Incident Room" came from never previous to witnessed blueprints presented for the builders by the Lost team for your game. Although the game has also been suggested being non-canon, the actual layouts are usually the particular creators' meant design to the clogged portions in the Swan station.

Station 4: The Flame

The Flame will be the particular Dharma Initiative's verbal exchanges station. It makes use of sonar in addition to satellite engineering to contact your outside the house entire world and also other stations on the Island, and can likewise always be employed to order food deliveries. Unlike additional stations, that Flame is not a great underground bunker, although rather your wood-frame bungalow with a large satellite meal for the roof. Inside your section may be a residing area, a kitchen, along with a laptop room. Below the actual creating may be a large basement that contain supplies, including a library involving Dharma Initiative operations manuals. The ability additionally boasts numerous gardens, together with chickens, cows, plus goats roaming the actual area.

On the morning Oceanic Flight 815 crashes around the Island, Mikhail Bakunin (Andrew Divoff) purposes the particular station to view news bottles to get together info on your survivors. At Ben's request he / she alters among the list of bottles to allow for Juliet to determine the woman sister along with nephew alive and very well heli-copter flight Island. At many place right after this, conversation over Island is usually no more possible, since the Looking Glass is definitely blocking all signals. In "Enter 77", Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly), Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews), in addition to Locke find out your station. Locke makes use of laptop computer in order to give a message saying your Hostiles have occupied that station, plus too . your dog on purpose ruins it through producing this C4 liner this cellar to search off. As shown in "LaFleur", Radzinsky has been stationed with that Flame within 1977, exactly where he or she developed that unit for the upcomin g Swan Station.

Station 5: The Pearl

The Pearl is definitely the place that the Dharma Initiative analyzed psychology. It principally assists for a monitoring station, that will which surveillance nourishes through the other areas tend to be sent. Its direction motion picture asserts that the Swan is often a psychological experiment, knowning that the intention of those stationed inside Pearl is actually to keep an eye on that people in that station. The train station involves a three-by-three bank connected with television set sets, not one but two ergonomic chair together with composing surfaces, as well as a computer so used to somewhat of a printer. A pneumatic tube will be put in from the room, which often the angle motion picture states is needed for you to move notepads that will an additional Dharma location. According for the angle film that has Dr Mark Whickman, two-person teams, doing the job eight-hour adjustments through a three-week period, had been to watch the actual video demonstrate s along with require sounds on their observations. Every action, regardless of precisely how subtle, were to become saved straight into netbooks because of the Pearl's company members.

After Oceanic Flight 815 accidents on the Island, Nikki and Paulo (Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro) is the primary survivors to be able to find that Pearl, whilst searching pertaining to diamonds. Several 2 or 3 weeks later, Locke as well as Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) input the particular Pearl plus watch that orientation video. Locke considers meaning pressuring that button from the Swan may be a internal test, plus resolves to see what you can do in the event that it is not pushed. However, Desmond postulates throughout "Live Together, Die Alone" which the Pearl contributors were the actual legitimate analyze things not having learning it. This will be supported if your survivors realize that that pneumatic conduit dumps this laptop computers directly into a great open up field; that contents from the notebooks show them to have been dumped at this time there longer just before the station closed. During season three, a few of the survivors visit this Pearl within anticipation regarding finding a way in order to contact the Others, but discover that your section will be only competent regarding receiving data, not sending it.

Station 6: The Orchid

Introduced while in the three-part finale on the next season, "There's No Place Like Home", that Orchid trail station shows up at first to be a great homeless greenhouse. Hidden listed below that greenhouse is a subsequent degree of the station, a appointed laboratory like Swan station. The Orchid carries a tiny chamber surrounding to a strong spectacular issue anomaly, and these can be accustomed to warp time frame and also space. An outtake from the location film was shown in the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con, in which Doctor Edgar Halliwax explains that, contrary to Dharma's assertions in which the section seemed to be for botanical research, the station is needed regarding studying a "Casimir effect" exhibited because of the Island. The suppliers have got confirmed that will the actual video tutorial will be canon, and also keeps relevance towards the display itself.

Hidden behind the chamber is yet another level of that Orchid that consists of support beams and rocks with unknown hieroglyphs that were seen in additional destinations to the Island, along with ends using a space including things like a giant iced wheel created flat into the wall. As established with "This Place is actually Death", this chamber what food was in place good prior to the particular building on the Orchid. A nicely had been attached to this with one position leading to a Orchid was built, nevertheless the chamber themselves predates it. Ben and Locke enter in that trail station and Ben travels to the room, where your dog spins the wheel. As he forces it, that space made up of the steering wheel glows as well as Island vanishes. Ben is usually sent to the particular Tunisian Desert as a consequence of utilizing it. As consequence transforming that wheel, this survivors involving Flight 815 along with the freighter crew members commence to help jump r andomly through time. When Locke returns to help the actual controls in "This Place can be Death", them is usually revealed for being bouncing erratically in addition to even now glowing, suggesting that will Ben didn't drive the item much enough (Christian Sheppard comments who's "slipped off of its axis."). Locke is done the job, moving herself over Island that will identical area Ben was concluded up. The occasion jumps furthermore stop, stranding that survivors in 1974. Charles Widmore would certainly later tell Locke that this Tunisian Desert will be the "exit point" get the right who uses the wheel.

In your flashback throughout "Because You Left", Dr. Chang is definitely known as that will investigate a strong incident with the Orchid. A design employee is found internal bleeding from his little brown eyes along with mouth, and five punch parts are already melted drilling to the upcoming internet site of the chamber. Scans of the divider reveal a good a further chamber which includes a wheel behind it. Chang refuses in order to employ explosives for you to very clear your wall, as it may possibly generate a amazing power source. He feels that they can realize their desire to control moment if your energy can be functional properly.

Station?: The Hydra

The Hydra is definitely a zoological research station situated on a small island estimated at two miles off-shore in the major island. It can be identified as being concerning twice the size involving Alcatraz Island. The Hydra capability includes cages outdoors this rail station in this jungle where polar bears once was kept. An underwater complex appeared to be the moment used as an aquarium, that housed sharks in addition to dolphins. The surgery center likewise features dwelling along with exploration quarters. The image in this station is the regular Dharma Initiative brand using a hydra inside the middle. You could see the idea on a huge tube at the rear of Kate plus Sawyer's cages throughout period 3.

At the start with months three, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are usually held captive around the Hydra region because of the Others. Kate and Sawyer are generally obligated to create your runway, until some people manage to escape. In season two, a shark features the Dharma image imprinted upon it's tail. Also throughout period three anxiety attack "A Tale associated with Two Cities", Tom reviews the fact that polar contains of which was once housed inside wire dog crate Sawyer was currently being kept around determined this "food" dilemna in two hours. A leather collar impact the Dharma Hydra symbolic representation will be found in the vicinity of a new polar produce bone structure within the Tunisian desert. In this sixth season, Ajira Airways Flight 316 can make a forced however general risk-free clinching to the Hydra island, ending up about the runway designed from the Others. In this sixth season instance "Some Like It Hoth", Dr. Chang threatens to be able to sen d an over-inquisitive Hurley on the Hydra Station that will participate in their "ridiculous experiments" in case he mentions a shape brought to Dr. Chang by means of Miles Straume.

Station?: The Staff

The Staff is a professional medical study station, later which will house with child adult females which were being used generally there to allow delivery and/or die. It includes a long corridor, by the end which is definitely an running room, and also your setting and a locker room. Hidden inside of one of many lockers is usually a swap this unlocks a undetectable vault that contains healthcare tools along with baby's room furniture. There can also be yet another hidden room, where your Others require women who have turn out to be pregnant for the Island to die.

After Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin) is definitely kidnapped because of the Others throughout season one, jane is taken towards the Staff station. Here your lover offers some sort of narcotic being used to be able to her fetus. A renegade Other, Alex (Tania Raymonde), facilitates Claire to escape when your lady finds potentially they are likely to steal Claire's baby. When it can be found through Claire plus Kate after on, Kate finds out costumes, your bogus beard, and a few theatrical glue inside the Staff locker room. In year three, Sun-Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim) and also Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) check out this Staff place that you're performing an ultrasound for you to locate when Sun's the baby was conceived. In period four, Faraday, Charlotte, Jin along with Sun check out the section to have a few health care supplies for Jack's operation

Station?: The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass is situated to the sea-bed from approximately 60 feet (18m) depth, some nine hundred feet (182m) from your beach. The rail station can be used that will jam marketing and sales communications about to along with through the Island, and also generating a new beacon that will information the actual submarine towards Island. When the Dharma Initiative seemed to be continue to active, the Looking Glass appeared to be used to resupply your submarine. The rail station receives power from the wire this Sayid discovered within the event "Solitary". The station's company logo is a rabbit, a reference point to the White Rabbit out of Alice inside Wonderland (the sequel to help which is Through the Looking-Glass). Its logo can be seen in the episode "Greatest Hits" when Charlie swims as a result of it. The Others ended up below this impact that the station appeared to be flooded. Only Ben recognized how the station seemed to be however throughout surgery as well as at this time there ended up persons being employed there.

In the season a few finale, "Through The Looking Glass", Charlie Pace confirms how the recovery motorboat related to Naomi, the parachute woman, had not been sent by way of Desmond Hume's ex-girlfriend Penny Widmore. Charlie a lock that doorway for the control room when Mikhail shatters the actual porthole window, consequently flooding the room. This inhibits Desmond from dealing with Charlie, thereby satisfying Desmond's most current "premonition" (Charlie appeared to be supposed to drown inside manipulate living room once disabling that jamming equipment). He easily produces "Not Penny's Boat" on his or her give and indicates Desmond throughout the glass within the door.

Station?: The Tempest

The Tempest is really a substance weapons progression section for the Island, earliest found from the episode "The Other Woman". It must be used to manipulate the release of toxic un wanted gas around your Island. Every day, ahead of his death, Goodwin will traveling in order to The Tempest to press a press button to circumvent toxic un wanted gas coming from escaping. In "The Other Woman", it was before shown of which a part of Daniel Faraday's and Charlotte Staples Lewis' major quests were being for you to disable your gases with that station. They stated they will necessary to press the particular mouse saving everyone, while they may have needed to disable the station's gases to prevent Benjamin Linus from with the Tempest as a marker associated with very last resort from the Island's enemies.

Station?: The Lamp Post

The Lamp Post will be solely acknowledged off-island Dharma station. It can be found with Los Angeles underneath some sort of church, developed onto a pants pocket regarding electromagnetic energy akin to that will on the island. This train station seemed to be employed with the Dharma initiative to choose the island. As that snowdonia is consistently moving, the scientists created an situation to calculate where the tropical isle could be from the future, thus giving a eyeport of possibility to achieve it. A large pendulum (resembling a Foucault Pendulum) hangs through the limit producing chalk represents for a road within the terrain beneath. Many computers encompass this pendulum, together with a -panel about the outlet that will scars latitude and longitude. The on the inside of your train station first seems within the next occurrence of year five, "The Lie", while zero justification associated with it has the reason (or who's is, within fact, a new Dharma st ation) can be uncovered until finally the examples below episode, "316". Eloise Hawking happens to be the leader in the station, plus uses the item to help you that Oceanic 6 resume the island when using the assistance with Ben Linus.

The rail station is called your Lamp Post as a homage to be able to the Chronicles involving Narnia series, whereby a light fixture post indicates the actual comings along with goings involving two worlds. The station's company logo consists of the standard Dharma octagon-shape with a photo connected with just what exactly seems a new table lamp article giving off light source to be able to possibly side. This graphic also can reference your pendulum from the station, because of the aimed tip from the picture.

Mysteries with the Universe

Starting with July 23, 2009, ABC's recognized Lost website commenced advertisment some sort of a few part documentary through missing video footage from your short-lived 1980s television set collection "Mysteries belonging to the Universe". In actuality, the brand as well as it's episodes were made by ABC and also the Lost workforce throughout 2010 to be a campaign with the last time from the show. The undeniable fact that a documentary series using a comparable title actually did appear to be from the 1980s, the data provided in the documentary shows up reliable at initial glance - even though the display sports a healthy part regarding humor. The training videos include brand-new revelations in regards to the DHARMA Initiative and also the conspiracies that surround it.

Appearances in Lost


First viewed in

First check out (onscreen)

Last viewed in

Name assigned in

Station 2: The Arrow

"Everybody Hates Hugo" (2.04)

"The Other twenty four Days" (2.07)

"The Other 48 Days" (2.07)

"Lockdown" (2.17)

Station 3: The Swan

"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" (1.11)

"Man connected with Science, Man connected with Faith" (2.01)

"The Incident" (5.16 & 5.17)

"Orientation" (2.03)

Station 4: The Flame

"The Cost connected with Living" (3.05)

"Enter 77" (3.11)

"Namaste" (5.09)

"Lockdown" (2.17)

Station 5: The Pearl

"?" (2.21)

"?" (2.21)

"Expos" (3.14)

"?" (2.21)

Station 6: The Orchid

Comic Con angle movie along with "There's No Place Like Home" (4.14)

"There's No Place Like Home" (4.14)

"The Variable" (5.14)

Comic Con location film

Station?: The Lamp Post

"The Lie" (5.02)

"316" (5.06)

"316" (5.06)

"316" (5.06)

Station?: The Staff

"Maternity Leave" (2.15)

"Maternity Leave" (2.15)

"Something Nice Back Home" (4.10)

"Lockdown" (2.17)

Station?: The Hydra

"A Tale connected with Two Cities" (3.01)

"A Tale associated with Two Cities" (3.01)

"Dead Is Dead" (5.12)

"A Tale involving Two Cities" (3.01)

Station?: The Looking Glass

"Greatest Hits" (3.21)

"Greatest Hits" (3.21)

"Through the particular Looking Glass" (3.22)

"Greatest Hits" (3.21)

Station?: The Tempest

"The Other Woman" (4.06)

"The Other Woman" (4.06)

"The Other Woman" (4.06)

"The Other Woman" (4.06)

In popular culture

A Dharma-related Easter Egg inside Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

A Dharma custom logo in Cloverfield.

In Half-Life 2: Episode Two, players will find an easter egg in the sixth chapter, "Our Mutual Fiend". In Uriah's lab, it has an unavailable area containing some sort of laptop or computer airport when using the amounts shown about the screen and also a Dharma-style octagon that has a pine woods mark for your White Forest base within the wall. The bedroom had been introduced along at the demand associated with Gabe Newell, whom stated to insert some sort of referrals to help Lost in reply for you to Half-Life references with Lost's first period event "The Greater Good".

In a picture in the U.S. edition regarding The Office, inside the instance "Initiation", Dwight Shrute requires Ryan Howard, "What will be the Dharma initiative?" This sometimes appears within the season three DVD. He additionally asks the following problem to the character Andy inside a wiped world while in the lastly year finale in which Andy acknowledgement that the DI could be the method to obtain just about all great for the earth. Dwight then corrects your pet by simply declaring "Wrong. It is surely an firm produced by aliens."

In the particular 2008 movie Cloverfield, which had been that is generated by J.J. Abrams plus the staff this manufactured Lost, a new small edition around the Dharma Initiative logo might quickly become affecting your starting of the movie. It can be throughout the advantages connected with the film that states where the "video" going to be proven came from. It is only obvious for some structures to the lessen appropriate side regarding screen. It seems to be practically the exact same into the Pearl trail station logo.

In that Sholazar Basin class of Northrend inside the Wrath in the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft, we have a hatch at the center of your area (coordinates 38/37) in a lake. If the particular battler best parts your screen in the hatch, the amounts "5 hunting for sixteen 17 twenty-four 43" appear, every single amount being just one above the Lost numbers.

In Call with Duty: World at War, with the Nazi Zombies stage Verruckt, in the energy bedroom when the actual transition is usually torn in two you may pick up a new express declaring the numbers.

In Fallout 3, the Numbers will be that combination into a hatch-like harmless covered within the terrain with Billy Creel's house. You cannot start it by way of just simply understanding the actual numbers, a person's personality should know these individuals in the child coping with him.


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